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Contract Cleaning in the
Car Showrooms Sector

Inter County is proud to offer our well-renowned cleaning service to the car showroom industry. We have several long-term clients in this field who come to us for their cleaning service. In the car showroom industry, it’s highly important to keep this area clean for the benefit of staff and to ensure it looks perfect for customers. Therefore, our highly experienced team work to ensure the car showrooms are cleaned to a professional standard. Our team work quickly, effectively and with as little disruption as possible. We are proud to offer our services to many car showrooms across the Northampton area and are always excited to take on new clients in this industry.

What does a car showroom clean involve?

When you hire us for a car showroom clean, we will work with you to ensure your cleaning needs are met. We understand every client has different requirements and will work with you to ensure your specific needs are taken into account. When we come to your car showroom, we will work to improve the cleanliness of the showroom.

We will work on the interior and exterior of the showroom, ensuring everything is sanitised and cleaned to perfection. We will also work on flooring, giving the hardwood floor or carpet a deep clean. We can also work in any kitchen and bathroom areas, ensuring staff’s facilities are highly cleaned areas. Our highly experienced team will work extremely hard and ensure all deadlines are met whether you hire us for a one-off clean or regular, daily cleaning of your facility.

Why work with Inter County for a car showroom clean?

We have worked with many businesses in the car industry and have experience working in these types of environments. While we will always get the job done efficiently, we will also ensure your company is not affected as we will be as discreet as possible.

We will keep in regular contact with the dealership and ensure our service is meeting your required needs. When you hire us, you can feel rest assured we will ensure the impression your car showroom makes is the best for your customers.

Why Choose us

We offer a car showroom contract cleaning service that is competitive, reliable and efficient. Our professional team ensures the interior and exterior of the showroom are cleaned to perfection using only the highest quality products. Our experienced team knows the importance of ensuring the car showroom looks professional and will work to ensure it’s at the top level of cleanliness to boost sales and keep employees happy and healthy.

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