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Contact Cleaning for
NHS Facilities

One of the industries we offer our cleaning service to is the NHS. We have cleaning contracts in NHS facilities which include hospitals, surgeries and clinics across Northampton and beyond. We know the importance of keeping these facilities at the highest level of cleanliness for the health and safety of staff and patients. Therefore, our team will work to the highest level to ensure we surpass your expectations. When you hire us for contract cleaning, you can feel rest assured you are getting the most experienced cleaning experts for the job. With over 40 years of providing cleaning services, we are a reliable, experienced company in the NHS field.

What does NHS facilities cleaning involve?

We will first visit the establishment and talk to the manager to discuss their requirements. We understand that cleanliness is key in healthcare and will ensure we surpass your expectations. We will then work out a cleaning plan that the facility is happy with, whether this is a one-off clean or regular, daily cleaning at the NHS facility.

Whether it’s a small or large building, we will work to ensure everything is cleaned internally and externally. From wards to operating theatres, our team is experienced in ensuring these are cleaned to perfection. They will work in staff rooms and toilets to ensure these meet expectations when it comes to health and safety. We will also offer deep cleaning of floors and carpets. With great attention to detail, you can expect a top-quality finish.

Why should you hire a contract cleaner for NHS facilities?

Keeping NHS facilities in good cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Therefore, by hiring a contract cleaner, they will conduct all of this vital cleaning. They will tackle the most difficult areas and will ensure everything remains in good condition. They will keep in regular communication to ensure you are happy with the clean and make changes as necessary.

With a high level of experience, you can feel rest assured they will cover all the areas and ensure everything is disinfected and sanitised for the sake of patients and staff members. Whether it’s a small GP surgery or a large hospital, we will still offer the highest quality cleaning service.

Why Choose us

The NHS industry comes to Inter County for their contract cleaning service as we offer a professional, top-level of service. We understand the importance of keeping areas clean and hygienic and will disinfect and provide a deep clean using top products. We offer the best attention to detail and reliable and competitive service in Northampton to doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and clinics, keeping in mind the health and safety of the clinicians and patients at all times.

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