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Contact Cleaning in
the Retail Sector

At Inter County, we are proud to offer our contract cleaning service across a vast number of industries. One sector is retail and we work with several small and large businesses in the Northampton area. When it comes to the retail sector, it’s so important cleanliness is at the top of their radar. With a large footfall of customers and staff members, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of cleaning in these venues. Not only does it ensure staff is safe and healthy but it also ensures you make an excellent impression when customers come to the store. From cleaning small stores to large facilities, our experienced team will ensure the building is cleaned from top to bottom at a fast pace.

What does a clean from Inter County involve?

When you get in touch with Inter County, we will work with you to ensure your specific requirements are met. We understand the importance of getting your retail businesses to the highest level of cleanliness. Therefore, we work with you to ensure your retail company is cleaned to perfection.

We will work internally and externally, cleaning everything from windows to fixtures, mirrors to flooring. We will also clean any staff room and toilet areas, ensuring these meet the requirements of your staff members. We will sanitise all areas to ensure it remains a healthy and safe environment. A clean environment means a happier, more productive workforce.

Why should you hire a cleaner in the retail sector?

When you hire a well-renowned company, you can expect a professional, high-level of service. Our experienced team are trained to the highest level and has worked with several retail companies. They are trained to work effectively and meet targets, regularly communicating with the retail team to ensure they are surpassing their expectations.

With experience working with many retail establishments, they have great attention to detail and will ensure the work is carried out discreetly. You can ensure customers are happy with the clean environment of your establishment while staff will be thrilled to work in a happy, clean building. 

Why Choose us

We already work with many commercial settings across Northampton and have recommendations from long-term customers. You can feel rest assured you are working with a professional company that offers reliable, high-quality service.  We offer competitive prices and our team is trained to a high level in both commercial cleaning and customer service. Our expertise will ensure your windows are at the top level of cleanliness.

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