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Have a Pre Christmas Blitz

Christmas is coming and so are hordes of friends and relatives, keen to fill your home with festive cheer, gravy stains and a million tiny shreds of gift wrap. Follow our simple guide to have it done in no time.

Before the place becomes rammed with decorations, presents and people, have a clear up.
  • In the main living areas, you might want to put away some of the stuff that normally is on display or generally lying around – that stack of magazines won’t get looked at over Christmas and will get in the way.
  • Precious ornaments might be best removed somewhere your friend’s crazy toddler won’t try and eat them. Your things don’t have to be banished forever, but you will be glad of the space for decorations, cards, glasses and plates

Open the windows to air the house out (just for a bit before the heating comes on), wipe down surfaces with a damp or microfiber cloth, run the vacuum round and clean the bathroom.