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The Confident Colour of Blue & Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment

Every colour we see instantly triggers an emotion or a memory, even a taste or a smell from our past experiences. They can be extremely important to our sense and perception of a situation.

The Trusting & Responsible Quality of the Colour Blue

The colour blue is one of trust, honesty and loyalty. The colour blue is linked to people who have confidence in their abilities and are likely to complete a task without making a fuss about it. It is also a colour that offers you a wide open range of possibilities, as we think of the colour blue when we look at the vastness of the sky or the open seas.

BLUE:  Blue cleaning equipment can be used for any general, low risk areas.
Green: Green cleaning equipment is suitable for food and bar use.
Red: Washroom floors and sanitary fittings can be cleaned with red equipment
Yellow:  Suitable for cleaning washroom surfaces and sinks.

Keep the colour warnings in mind when cleaning. It’s a great way to train cleaning staff and to stay safe. Cross contamination is a problem that many cleaning organisations face and with a simple system of colour coding you can soon eradicate those problems.