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- Bin Cleaning

We provide fully licensed and insured on-site wheelie bin and commercial waste container cleaning.

Our bin cleaning service includes the washing and disinfecting of your bin using our special designed machine, ensuring that no debris or rubbish is left on the street.

Offering a low-cost solution to the problem of dirty smelly wheelie bins by washing and deodorising them regularly using specialist bin cleaning equipment to ensure we achieve the highest cleaning standards.

All packages are designed to suit the company or residents needs.
Our Company and brand is recognised across the 5 surrounding counties working along side several housing associations.

The specialist wheelie bin cleaning machine stores all used dirty water on board. We are fully approved by Anglia Water to discharge the dirty water once it has passed through our unique on-board filter system into our dedicated foul drain, at the end of each working day. Following the Environmental Agency and water company legislation using only biodegradable chemicals killing 99% of all germs 

Contact our team on wastemanagement@intercountyltd.co.uk or 01933 315872