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The finishing touch
Your building should look clean and dazzling when you rent it, sell it or open for business. But construction and refurbishing often leaves your premises in a state of chaos, so Inter County Cleaning Services Ltd is equipped to handle any sort of cleaning challenge to give your building a clean start. We take a dirty building and make it pristine before occupation.

Any type of building
We offer builders clean services to landlords, estate agents and builders throughout Northamptonshire and surrounding counties. For Inter County no corporate job is either too big or too small - from shopping precincts to high-rise office buildings to hotels and restaurants, when you want a clean building you can rely on us. It's a comprehensive service that includes attention to detail such as removing traces of plaster from tiles as well as specialist tasks like cleaning windows.

Training and health & safety compliance
We operate with only the best equipment and ensure our employees are fully equipped with all safety clothing and materials to work on site. We choose our cleaning products carefully so that surfaces are unharmed, while still removing marks and blotches that otherwise ruin a building.