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What Is Included In Office Cleaning?

Have you ever walked into an office and thought, ‘wow, this is really clean?’. Well, it’s not generally because the people working there are taking extra good care of the place (although they could be). It is typically because the office has hired a dedicated cleaning service to look after the workspace. 

Cleaners are known for cleaning places like common rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. However, an office cleaner is dedicated to commercial spaces. So, if you’re considering getting a cleaner for your office, you may want to know more about it first and how it differs from your typical cleaner.

Here is a comprehensive guide on commercial office cleaning and what’s included in the service:


What is office cleaning?


Office cleaning is pretty much as the name suggests. It involves the cleaning of commercial areas, usually where people work out of. For example, an office cleaner will cover areas such as receptions, open-plan office areas, meeting rooms, and boardrooms. They are typically fast-paced areas when the staff don’t have time to look after them themselves. 

Office cleaning ensures higher levels of productivity because staff can come into a clean office and get working straight away. They don’t have to worry about dirt, grime, and rubbish around them and just focus on getting the job done.


What does office cleaning involve?


Other than the actual cleaning part, office cleaning services provide you with the following:




Office cleaners want to ensure you get the most out of your money, which is why they don’t come in completely blind. They want to guarantee optimal efficiency, so they will check out the landscape of the office first and see what needs to be done. From this, they will put together a plan on how they can clean the office as quickly as possible to the highest degree of quality. 

From this, you will receive your quote. Office cleaners don’t want to rip you off. Instead, they want to provide you with an excellent service that fits your budget as much as possible, which is why all this planning is completed.


Strict protocols


Good office cleaners will stick to strict protocols and procedures during every session that protects their staff as well as those in the office. It ensures that cleaning is completed to the highest possible level while also remaining conscious about the furniture, people, and environment at the same time. 

Green cleaning is a popular and highly demanded service offered by office cleaners which ensures that they are using chemical-free and soothing products which don’t negatively affect our planet. Some businesses may try and say they offer green cleaning, but use regular products, so make sure you ask what they use or look at customer reviews before hiring them.


Progress reports


Of course, you can see what the cleaners have done to the office, but sometimes you might not notice some of the more minor details. That’s why quality cleaners will provide you with progress reports and tracking documents, so you know you’re getting the full package without anyone cutting any corners. 

Progress reports offer complete transparency and help you stay on top of what is offered for your staff as well. For example, if you’re hiring a new member of staff, they may ask how regularly the bathrooms are cleaned. You can then show them the cleaner’s progress report to give them peace of mind.


High-end supplies


When you hire an office cleaner, of course, you want one that is the most cost-effective, but you also want one that uses the highest quality supplies and equipment. The whole point of an office cleaner is to keep your workspace in order, so the last thing you want is a cleaner who uses below-par equipment, leaving marks and scratches.


Complete packages


Any quality office cleaner will offer a wide range of different packages for you to choose from. Not every office has the exact needs, so you want one that will fit your individual needs. For example, you may only need the main offices cleaned instead of the communal areas because the staff looks after those. Or you may be a bigger corporation that needs several floors covered.

Office cleaners can put together bespoke packages that fit your needs. Some of the things they may offer include:

  • Emptying bins and disposing of waste
  • Wiping down all surfaces, including desks
  • Spot vacuuming or complete vacuuming
  • Mopping solid floors
  • Final check of all rooms and locking up


Need an office cleaner?


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