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Washroom & Hygiene
Services In Northampton

One of the most reputable cleaning businesses in the area, we are proud to offer our high-quality washroom services in Northampton. With our clients including some of the largest, professional companies in the area, we have a highly respected reputation and our team excels at what they do. 

We only use the finest products to complete the job at hand. We offer services that include commercial cleaning, waste management and COVID-19 cleaning. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to discuss your needs and will work with you to make a plan to ensure these are met.

Here to meet your washroom and hygiene requirements

It’s so important that the bathrooms on your property are fitted with all the appropriate hygiene equipment. You want to ensure your employees feel comfortable and safe at their workplace. In the UK, you need to legally install sanitary disposal in the bathrooms at your building. With one of these installed, staff can use the washroom when necessary. 

Here at Inter County Service Group, we understand the importance of this and can work with you to install these sanitary solutions in your washrooms. We only use the highest quality items and install them with your needs in mind. As well as installing these in the bathroom, we also can offer a disposal service. 

This is where all sanitary waste is disposed of by our team and they do this in the most efficient and economically friendly way.

What washroom and hygiene solutions we offer

When you hire us for washroom & hygiene services in Northampton, we come out and discuss the various solutions we can offer that would work for your business. Whether you want sanitary bins, vending machines, air freshener systems or urinal cubes, we can go through these options for you. 

All of these products are high-quality and will be fitted effectively in your washrooms with as little inconvenience to you as possible. They are fitted to your requirements and you are guaranteed a reliable, top service when you hire us.

We also offer a disposal service and this can be tailored to your specific needs. If you need us to come fortnightly or monthly, we will be there to remove everything discreetly and efficiently as possible.

Benefits of washroom cleaning

Why Choose us

Here at Inter County, we offer a professional washroom service in Northampton to ensure the facilities are at a high level of cleanliness. Ensure the washrooms on-site are professional for employees and with our high level of cleaning skills, all areas of the washrooms will be cleaned to perfection. 

Our reliable service ensures your washrooms stay constantly clean with the best products used to tackle all stains and marks. A clean environment means a happier, healthier workforce.

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