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COVID-19 Cleaning

Here at Inter County Service Group, we provide a specialist COVID-19 cleaning service. This is an incredibly popular service that has been sought-after since the pandemic began. Whether an employee has been at work with COVID-19 and you want to ensure this doesn’t spread around the office, our high level of cleanliness will make sure your business can continue to run safely. When you require a COVID-19 clean, we offer a fogging treatment. This electrostatic spray treatment is highly effective on surfaces and uses a disinfectant. With our equipment, the disinfectant comes through the fogging unit and treats the surfaces. This is particularly useful for areas that are harder to clean with normal spraying techniques. Businesses can also use the area again within the hour, which is perfect for busy companies.

COVID-19 cleaning specialists

While cases may have reduced, they certainly haven’t disappeared and it still has a big impact on business. We offer a COVID-19 cleaning service that ensures businesses can control the spread of COVID-19 in their building. You can limit the number of people that catch the disease which can stay on services for up to 72 hours. Our expert team can come out when you have had a case of COVID-19 and we will ensure every surface is disinfected so that transmission is not possible. Whether you are a small or large company, our team will cover all bases to ensure your business is safe to continue.

We have the best cleaning team available that knows where to stop the droplets in their track and will ensure transmission stays at a low. Using only the best products available, our team have travelled across Northampton ensuring they are COVID-19-free.

What our COVID-19 cleans include

When you have a member of staff test positive for COVID-19, you can arrange with us to come ASAP to ensure everything is disinfected. We will first start on the area where that member of staff worked and then move around this distance as droplets can spread easily around other areas. 

We will also clean all door handles, and handrails and also clean around computer equipment. Our staff are experienced at working around office equipment and will ensure everything remains working properly while cleaned to perfection. We will also clean kitchen and bathroom areas where the member or multiple members of staff with COVID-19 had visited. 

Benefits of COVID-19 cleaning

Why Choose us

We understand the importance of a COVID-19 clean in the current climate. We offer a competitive COVID-19 clean with our team experienced in ensuring your commercial building is at the highest level of cleanliness. We can ensure any outbreaks are dealt with efficiently with every area in the building disinfected to ensure the safety of your staff. Using top-of-the-range products, transmission can be stopped in its tracks at your building.

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