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Commercial Carpet Cleaning In

Inter County Service Group is proud to offer top-of-the-range cleaning services to clients across the whole of Northamptonshire. From small to large businesses, we provide a range of services such as end-of-tenancy cleaning, COVID-19 cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning in Northampton. 

For over 40 years, we have been a family-run business. We have had the highest of reputations with our clients happy to use our services time and time again. Our team are all fully trained cleaning operatives with years of experience behind them. With the opportunity to ensure cleanliness is a priority for your company, you can expect reliable, high-quality and affordable service from us here at Inter County Service Group.

Expert commercial carpet cleaners

It’s so easy for carpets to gain stains over time when in a commercial environment. As a business, the amount of footfall that goes through the space is in the tens if not hundreds for some businesses and those employees can leave dirt and marks behind.

While a quick vacuum can eliminate some marks, a deep clean is often needed to ensure the carpets return a good condition. Clean carpets are important for the well-being of your employees and for the business to look professional for clients visiting.

Therefore, when you hire us for commercial carpet cleaning in Northampton, you can ensure you get a professional, high-quality carpet clean so they look like new. We come out and create a plan of what needs tackling and then can decide on which marks to combat first during our visit. We bring all the necessary equipment and cleaning products with us. 

Our highly experienced team also ensure our work is carried out with the least inconvenience to you so you can carry on your work as normal.

What our commercial carpet cleans include

When you hire us for our Northampton commercial carpet cleaning service, we ensure all carpets in the building are cleaned to perfection. We will work on both upper and lower floors and will carry out the intended work in all areas as necessary. We will also clean any carpets that are located in the bathroom and kitchen areas. 

Before we begin the work, we will discuss with you any areas that need work and come to the commercial building so we can make a plan of action. We only use professional cleaning products on the carpets, and the deep clean will ensure all fibres are back to the highest level of cleanliness. We can also combine this with our other cleaning services. 

Benefits of commercial carpet cleaning

Why Choose us

Our Northampton carpet cleaning service is one of the most popular in the area with a high-quality service that ensures your carpets are thoroughly cleaned to perfection. From steam cleaning to vacuuming, our service covers both lower and upper floors, kitchen and bathroom areas as well as the whole office. 

The products we use for our carpet cleaning service are designed to defeat even the harshest of stains and the carpets will be at the height of cleanliness.

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